Friday, February 23, 2007


Alan and I went to the giant CFRA food show in Toronto on Monday. It's a huge trade show for people in the food and restaurant business.

I don't really like trade shows all that much. There's just too much walking, too many people and within about twenty minutes of getting in the door, my brain starts to feel overloaded with too much input. However, we must do these things for the bakery we love.

The cool thing about food trade shows is that almost every single exhibitor gives out samples. It's amazing. You walk, you eat, you get stuck in gridlock, you eat... you get the picture.

We'll be placing orders with some of the vendors in the next little while, bringing some of the best products to our shop. But in the meantime, I've decided that this sample thing is way too good to save for the food shows. From now on, we're offering free samples in the shop!

So far this week, we've tried the Nutty Baker's Apple Squares, the Monforte Dairy Smoked Sheep Milk Cheddar I told you about earlier. Tomorrow, who knows?

We're having fun. Hope you are, too!

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