Monday, August 20, 2007

York Street Kitchen

Alan and I are not, by most standards, a tradition-bound couple

Yes, we were married many years ago legally and with benefit of clergy. But we pretty much went off the rails very shortly after that.

We don't exchange gifts for any occasion (preferring instead to pool our resources and go out for a really nice dinner). Our anniversary occurs in May. We are not bound to celebrating it then. June is fine, or July. I believe the record is sometime in September.

Several among our acquainances find this appalling.

We do, however, have one tradition between us that we will not relinquish, come hell, high water or really dodgy finances. And that is our Monday morning breakfast at York Street Kitchen in Stratford.

There's something really wonderful about going out for breakfast. And the breakfasts at York Street are worth getting up for! It's a diverse menu, but we always have the same thing. The coffee arrives almost as soon as we sit down and keeps on coming.

Mondays are normally fairly quiet, so we're able to take over a corner, greet any of our friends who have chosen to join us, and get the week off to a decent start. Sometimes, there's quite a crowd of us.

If you find yourself in Stratford on a Monday morning, 9 - ish, wander on down to York Street Kitchen. There's always room for one more!

(of course, if you find yourself in the area at other times of the day, they also do great lunches and dinners!)