Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fresh Baguettes, Anyone? Part 2

When we left off last time, the baguettes had just been slashed and were ready for the hot oven.

Each parchment sheet with five baguettes on it was slid off the tray into the oven. Hot water was splashed onto the bare areas of the oven floor to provide steam. They were then left to rise and bake.

Baguettes Baking in the Oven

When they had formed a nice crust and sounded hollow when tapped on the bottom, the baguettes were removed to racks to cool.

Tasty Baguettes Cooling on the Rack

Then it was off to McCully's Hill Farm to serve them to hungry patrons.

My Simple Table Display
The bread was eagerly consumed by the hungry masses. The few left over were sold to those who needed more for later.

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