Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Just a Thought - The Staycation

As part of our Christmas vacation, Alan and I spent two nights at the Millcroft Inn. It's a wonderful country inn and spa, with hiking trails, unbelievably comfy beds and an amazing chef.

We were massaged, fed and pretty much totally spoiled for two glorious days and nights. I came away feeling more relaxed than I have in years.

And to me, the added bonus is that all of this is just a short -ish drive away.

I'm sure most of you have heard of the 1oo Mile Diet by now, the idea that all or at least most of our food should be sourced within a hundred miles of where we live. I love the idea, and we do try to live by it, at least when buying meat and produce.

And it got me thinking about other things that can be sourced more locally. Hence, the 1oo Mile Vacation, now known as the staycation.

Now, I know world travel is hugely popular. And it enlarges your life in so many ways. I have nothing against that sort of trip. In fact, Alan and I are planning a trip to Paris in the spring. We'll go for two weeks, take in all the sights we can, eat lots of local food and try to learn a few things while we're there.

We try to take a trip like that every couple of years.

But what about the in-between times? What about those trips we take to get us "anywhere but here"? Do they need to involve plane travel? Or hours and hours in a car? Could we not find enough enjoyment and relaxation within the 100 mile radius of home?

I haven't perfected the staycation. But I would like to open up the discussion. And I will be revisiting the idea in the weeks and months ahead.

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