Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lazy Sunday Links


I'm not sure how I missed this, but February 5th was World Nutella Day.

Fortunately, though the day itself is over, the recipes remain.  You can find part one of the roundup here on Ms. Adventures in Italy.  Part two is here on Bleeding Espresso.

There are lots and lots of recipes and stories in the roundup, so that's it for this week.

Send me your links!  If it's related to food, I want to see it.  If it fits the scope of this blog, I'll include it in a future Lazy Sunday Links.

Hope you're having a lovely lazy Sunday!



Anonymous said...

You suggested leaving a link. Not being a blogger, I don't quite know how this works. Anyway, here is a site for a trip to a food festival in Orvieto, Italy.

Pannifer's said...

That worked perfectly!

Thank you, I'll check it out!