Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The All-Request Dinner

In the Kitchen with Chris

Easter crept up on us this year.  The fact that it looks more like Christmas outside made it difficult to take the calendar seriously.

So when my sister issued a last-minute invite for us to have Easter dinner with her family, we gratefully accepted.

Chris and her husband, John, have four daughters.  They were all there, along with a boyfriend and a fiancee, John's brother, us, and the family dog. 

We arrived to find good smells coming from the kitchen, had a cup of tea and then put the finishing touches on dinner.

A few years ago, Chris and John rearranged their downstairs, moving the dining room into the larger living room, which fits perfectly with my belief that your house should work for you, instead of vice versa.  Now everyone can sit at the table and enjoy an evening together.

Chris really outdid herself on the meal.  See, she takes requests.  So there was turkey and ham.  Scalloped and sweet potatoes.  Asparagus, bread.  The World's Most Purple Jello.  Pickles.  I've probably forgotten a few things.  It was a crazy good time, passing the food and making conversation.

I may never be forgiven for feeding the dog a couple of scraps under the table (I'm a very bad influence on doggies - that's why they love me).

Since Alan and I don't have kids of our own, we always enjoy having a peek into family time.  And sometimes I think I might have been a good mum, and sometimes it's a relief that I never found out for sure.  Cuz that request thing?  Would probably make me nuts!


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