Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Loveliness That Is Ricotta

Hi!  Sorry for the long absence.  I had an unexpected tetanus shot on Friday and I'm only just starting to feel better.

I know most normal people can get their booster shots and barely notice.  I, on the other hand, turn into a walking science experiment.

But let's get back to the cheese, shall we?

In my last post, the whey was back in the vat and starting to heat up.  When it gets to the right temperature, whatever curds were left in it start to rise to the surface.   It reminded me of making gnocchi. 

Two of us stood on either side of a long table and skimmed the curds into molds (smaller than the ones for the Toscano).  Ricotta is such a fresh, delicate cheese that we didn't press down on the curds.  We just topped up the molds as the whey drained out.

It can be eaten immediately.  But, of course, since I was working there, I restrained myself.

May I never have to practise such self-control again!

Photo from Tine and Hagen Graf's Flickrstream


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