Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Restaurant Review - Foster's Inn

After a long work week, Alan and I decided to hit the town for dinner Saturday night. 

Looking for a patio, we chose Foster's Inn.  In the winter, their dining room is a lovely space to sit, but it was warm and not raining, for once, so we needed to be outdoors.

On the patio, you are given a choice of the dinner menu, or the lounge menu, which is cheaper.  I looked through both, saw the Roast Chicken and my budget went down the drain.

For appetizers, we ordered the Fresh PEI Mussels and the Shrimp al Ajillo.  They arrived and a few minutes later Alan said, "Pictures?"  Here's what remained:

The Mussels Were Good! So Was The Spicy Shrimp!

Suffice it to say, both appetizers were really good!

The main courses, my Roast Chicken and Alan's Black Cod were also really good.

And we managed to remember the pictures while only a few bites in...

Get a Picture Quick! Before It's All Gone!

For dessert, we split a cheese plate.  It actually came with enough crackers, which doesn't always happen in the restaurants we go to.

Look at All Those Crackers!

With a nice bottle of red wine, an espresso after the cheese course and a decent tip, we paid $165.  If you're looking for a cheaper night out, they're happy to let you order off the lounge menu (there may be a time limit on this, though.  We got there a little before 8:00).

The street life past the patio is busy enough to be interesting, but quiet enough that you can actually hear your dinner companion.  And as a bonus for the people-watchers, Foster's is very popular with the actors and artists of the Stratford Festival.  The service is casual, friendly and prompt - the perfect combination for a great night out!



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Barb McMahon said...

Food - it's a big adventure!