Friday, September 5, 2008

Celebration Fridays - Limits, Anyone?


Every time we move (fourteen times in twenty-five years, so far), I decide not to allow any more stuff into our lives.  I mean, look at that garage....

It's loud threats and pipe dreams, mostly, but I usually manage to cut one category out of our buying repertoire with each move.

So far, we've agreed never to buy jewelry, CD's, or DVD's.  This move, I gave up buying magazines.  They're just such a pain in the neck to deal with once you're done reading them.

Does this mean we've given up music, movies or information?  Nope.  We rent, go online or to the library.  And that's where the limits come in. 

The selection  of movies from our local library is eclectic, to say the least.  We have seen things that no one has ever heard of.  And we never really know, when we bring it home, if it's going to charm us or put us to sleep.  So far, the charmers far exceed the snores.

And while it might be easier, in the short term, to just order a movie we really want to see, it's actually more fun to wait and see if it will turn up at the library.  It just seems like more of a game that way.

And when I'm really tempted, I just think of the next Moving Day and how it might just be a little easier without all those extras to pack.

Of course, it's not just Moving Day that motivates me.  It's also the fact that these limits free up time and space and money for the things that really matter to me, like going out for dinner with good friends, as we'll be doing this evening.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  I hope you find something cool to celebrate!



KLAR said...

I work at your local library and want to say Thanks for the plug! You are right - I never rent a video - we have a great variety here - and they are FREE! I will forward your kind comments on to our selectors.

Barb McMahon said...

Thank you! It's always nice to let people know they're appreciated...