Friday, October 17, 2008

Celebration Fridays - The Last Twelve Drops

Dinner With This Guy - What's Not to Love?

The leaves are dropping here in Southern Ontario.  And we've had some cold, wet days.  Summer is definitely on the wane.

So I take it as a moral imperative to spend every sunny afternoon that comes our way at this time of year out on a patio somewhere, snacking and drinking wine.  The fact that winter's coming demands nothing less.

Alan and I did just that last Sunday evening.  Our work week was over, the late afternoon sun was warm and Foster's still had tables outside.  Perfect.  A warm memory for the cold months to come.

The last twelve drops, you ask?  My dad-in-law's friend Mary told us about a study that reported that on average, the "empty" wine bottle has twelve drops remaining.  It's as though the person who opened it has decided that "nearly empty" is the same as "empty", given up and moved on.

But it's not.  Just like "summer's nearly over" is not the same as "summer's over".  The difference may be small.  The difference may only be a few hours, or a few drops or a few last precious anything.

Celebrated properly, those few remaining whatever's can make some wonderful memories.

So this weekend, I will be celebrating the last twelve drops.  You?