Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lazy Sunday Links - And the Start of Something New

Before.... Definitely Before!

Things are still pretty hectic around here.  Still settling into the new work routine.  And we're getting ready to move again.  We're hoping this one will last awhile, but given our track record, who knows?

One of the things I love about the new apartment is the kitchen.  It's big, bright and airy.

It's also a bit of a blank slate at the moment.  There is one little counter with the sink in the middle and cabinets above and below.  The rest is empty.  So, since we'll be doing some work in there to make it fit our needs, I thought I'd post the process here, to let you know how a professional chef puts together a home kitchen on a budget.

As it happens, one of my favourite design bloggers is going through a similar process in her own home.  Of course, being a design blogger, she will have different priorities.  She's also got her remodel sponsored by Green Tea Design.

Me?  I've got a big bucket of white paint....

This could be interesting.


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