Friday, November 7, 2008

Celebration Fridays - It's All About the People

My Father-in-Law turns 80 next week.  We'll be heading down to Windsor for the big party on Sunday. 

When I told my boss I needed the day off and why, he reacted as though this would be a mere duty visit.  I explained that, no indeed, I really love my Dad-in-law and I'm so, so happy we'll be celebrating together.  With a whole bunch of other people that I'll be really happy to see.

Sartre said "Hell is other people."  Of course, he also thought he was being chased through the streets of Paris by giant lobsters, so how much credibility can you give him?

In my world, it's the other people (along with the occasional dog or cat and their ilk), that make life worth living.  Nothing else matters.

So who will you be celebrating this weekend?


Anonymous said...

I too will be celebrating a birthday - my hubby's grandma's 90th in Mitchell. Also attending the annual Rotary Arts and Crafts Show - can't wait!

Barb McMahon said...

Have a wonderful time!