Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Remembering Rose


My friend Deb sent me this photo of her late mother, Rose, along with this explanation:

This is from the years before “fast food takeout” places – when the Waterloo Bowling Lanes kitchen was “the place to be” for lunch. (early 1950’s?).

She cooked sit-down meals for many – lined up out the door – including full dinners and baked who knows how many pies out of that wee oven.

Hard to believe.

I feel claustrophobic just looking at that picture.

When my mother turned 80 we hosted a dinner party for 8 of her friends of many years and I thought we’d made too much food and were serving up portions that were too large, but for every course the plates came back as bare as if they’d just come out of the cupboard.

Many of these women were in their late 80’s.

There must be some correlation with a healthy appetite and love of food with life expectancy.

And I can tell you these women never worked out in a gym, walked for 5 hrs. every week, or denied themselves whipping cream, lard, sausage and bacon, or butter.

I’m using them as my dietary role models.

She passed away on October 25 at the age of “nearly 94”.

I was lucky enough to have met Rose on a few occasions and let me tell you, the correlation between love of good food and love of life is very, very strong.

Thanks, Deb, for letting me share this.


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