Thursday, December 21, 2006

No Knead Bread

There's a lot of excitement at Pannifer's Bakery these days. Alan's found a whole new way of making bread!

The New York Times reported on this No Knead Bread. Claimed it was so easy, a five year old could make a loaf. It sounded way too good to be true, but Alan decided to give it a try.

The results were amazing! Easy and delicious.

I can see it now, our month "off" in January will be spent perfecting the recipe for multiple loaves and many different varieties of flour. Loaf after loaf needing to be tried and critiqued...

Wait, what am I complaining about? Taste-tester is one of my all-time dream jobs.

I just hope we don't get too much snow in January. I'll need to go for many long walks to work off the results.

In the meantime, I'm thinking leftover turkey sandwiches with Moss Berry Farm's Cranberry Mango Chutney. And I'll be going for a long walk tonight!

Click here to see a video of this bread being made.

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