Saturday, December 23, 2006

...And To All a Good Night

The headline in our local paper read "Stop Dreaming: It Won't be a White Christmas". Seems a bit surly to me, but maybe the editor is a disappointed rink-builder/winter sport enthusiast. I'm loving this warm weather, but then the only winter sport I really like is Hibernation.

The nice thing about living for food is that you can have a really good time no matter what the weather. We invite friends over, light some candles, cook yummy food and enjoy. No fretting about ski conditions, trail grooming or relative humidity (except as it affects the bread). So we will be cooking a couple of turkey dinners this weekend and closing the curtains on The Winter That Wasn't.

But this makes me wonder... What's your favourite recipe for leftover turkey? Do you do something that includes leftover stuffing/carrots/cranberry sauce? Something quick and easy with eggs? Leave it in the fridge and pick away at it until it's gone? Or do you just push it to the back of the freezer and try to pretend it never happened?

Alan likes to hop up from the dinner table, strip the turkey carcass clean and start a pot of soup. No, you can't take the chef out of the kitchen...

We'll share our favourite recipe with you next week, but we'd love to hear yours. Just click on "comment".

In the meantime, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate the holiday. And to those of you who don't - I hope you have a very peaceful weekend!

Happy Christmas from Pannifer's!

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