Friday, December 29, 2006

Turkey Leftovers

What to do with those pesky turkey leftovers...

Don't fret; there's lots you can do. The easiest is to make soup. See my base soup recipe from November 30. Make broth with the turkey bones and use that instead of water and just add whatever vegetables you have left in the fridge (I even threw in the leftover rice stuffing - very tasty).

You can toss leftover cut up turkey with pasta, sun dried tomatoes, some cooked spinach, a small handful of walnuts and a little cream.

Turkey Rice Skillet is a tasty 1950's style treat. It's easy and quick. Soften chopped onions and celery in a frying pan in a little olive oil and/or butter. Add the rice and cook for a couple of minutes to flavour it. Add two parts of water or stock for each part of rice. Bring to a simmer, put a lid on it, reduce the heat to low and cook for 15 minutes. Add cooked turkey and/or shrimp and/or cut up cherry tomatoes about 10 minutes into the cooking. Season and serve.

And don't forget just how great turkey sandwiches are!

What do you do with leftover turkey? Hit the comment button and share with us.

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kimmomofseven said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting the turkey rice skillet recipe ~ a big fave of mine from way back that I long ago lost the recipe for.

As for turkey leftovers...nothing better than a sliced turkey sandwich with a dollop of [gasp!] mayo and dijon mustard.

I also freeze individual freezer bags of turkey for tossing into small batches of soup.