Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A Day Out in Sauble Beach

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It was a holiday here yesterday. We braved the roads and went to Sauble Beach to spend time with my sister and her family at the cottage.

What can I tell you? Lots of crowds, lots of sun, lots of junk - er - "beach" food.

As the sun went down, families set up their barbeques and tantalizing smells followed us as we headed back to make our own dinner.

I definitely smelled curry from one group. Sadly, we weren't feeling quite brave enough sidle up and find out how one cooks curry on a beach. Maybe next year.

Our own dinner was quite respectable - barbequed steak, with potatoes and salad. Eaten outdoors, of course, while pleasantly sleepy from an afternoon in the water.

Dessert started as a joke. There were ice-cream sandwiches and Oreo cookies. Aunt Barb suggested we combine the two, which the boys immediately did. Just peel back the top, layer the cookies on the ice-cream and reassemble. Based on their smiles, the rest of us followed suit.

It occurs that you could try multiple forms of this: ice cream sandwiches with Smarties, or Rollo pieces. Or an entire chocolate bar in the middle. Though I'd strongly suggest that anyone over the age of twenty might want to cut it into smaller servings and share.

One suggestion was to put a piece of this on a plate in a pool of raspberry coulis, with a drizzle of caramel on top.

And so the day wound down...

This morning, the early birds headed down to the Two Chicks Cafe for coffee and cinnamon buns.

It's a great place, with internet access (and three laptops for customers to use). Coffees, teas, lunches and live music on Saturday nights.

Did not want to come home....

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