Friday, August 24, 2007

Just Call Me Fido!

Soon after Alan started going to the Mitchell Market, he told me about a couple there who fire up the barbeque every Friday and cook up burgers and sausages.

The next week he jokingly asked if I wanted him to bring me one. Never joke about burgers to Barb....

It's now a weekly tradition. The fun thing is that I'm not always entirely sure what I'll be getting on the burger. Sometimes it's the works, sometimes, not so much. One week there was a slice of tomato. I call it The Adventure Burger.

Yum... They Remembered The Ketchup

The last couple of weeks, I've remembered banking that needed doing before the weekend, so Alan has pulled up at the curb before heading on to Stratford. I think it must look a little strange(so, to all our neighbours, who may have been wondering - it's a burger drop!).

Great food isn't always about expensive ingredients or hours of work. Sometimes, the simplest thing, done well and greeted with anticipation (my stomach starts growling very early on Friday morning - just like Pavlov's dogs) can be just the treat you need.

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