Friday, August 24, 2007

New Food Links

I spent a bit of time yesterday, while I was at work (so nice not to have a boss!), searching through the internet, looking for other food blogs I thought you might like.

You'll find them in the left-hand column. Scroll down to "Other Blogs We Like..." and have a look.

I tried for a variety, 101 Cookbooks has lots and lots of recipes and helpful tips. Check out the archives to find what you need. She's been online since Feb. 2003!

Chocolate & Zucchini is another long-standing blog, based in Paris.

Delicious Days is a beautiful site. Nicky and her partner Oliver live in Munich and write about food, as well as the business of blogging (about food or any other interest you might have). So if you've ever thought "I'd like to do that," this is a good place to start your research.

Milk and Cookies has lovely, well-explained recipes and lots of gorgeous photos.

Zen in the Kitchen comes from Turkey and is stories and photos about food. Just makes me want to get into the kitchen and try new things!

I hope you enjoy these sites. And please, let me know what your favourite food blogs are!


tijen said...

Thanks so much Barb!
I'll add your address too..
Hope to share meals one day.

Tijen said...

I tried to send you a mail twice but I got a message that it's blocked. For your info.

Barb McMahon said...

Thanks, Tijen! It was humid yesterday and that causes our server problems. Thank goodness the comments worked!

And thanks for the link!