Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Restaurant Review - The Little Inn of Bayfield

We received an e-mail from The Little Inn of Bayfield last week, advertising their Harvest Sundays special.

This corresponded to a feeling I was having of get me out of here!!!! So, Sunday night we hit the road for the short drive to Bayfield (Direct Marketing - it WORKS, people!).

And, ohhhh, was it nice. The staff is lovely, young and eager to please. Our room was comfy, clean and quiet. And the dinner! Well, I just have to show you some pictures.

This was the starter. Huron County liverwurst with caramelized onion, walnut and apple salad. Very good. Very hearty portions.

It's a Meal in Itself!

Next came the squash bisque with toasted sunflower seeds.

It Doesn't LOOK Filling.....

The cup was a little bigger than it looks and the soup was very thick and rich and too good not to finish. Even though we were starting to get a little full....

We didn't get a decent picture of the main course. It was prime rib with Yorkshire pudding, cauliflower, glazed carrots, fresh green beans, horseradish and pan gravy.

Oh my!

It was all delicious and yummy and far too much. But we had a lovely table right next to the window, so we could watch the garden and the sunset and take our time over all this wonderful food and some very good wine, too.

Even still, we were so full, we had to share one dessert ("Are you sure?" said our server) of apple pie a la mode.

Barb stealing a taste of dessert...

Coffee followed and then we went for a little walk around Bayfield to let things settle.

In the morning, we headed back to the dining room for breakfast. A "continental" breakfast was included in the package. It looked like this:

And was really more than enough after the night before. So even though Eggs Benedict were on the menu and they really are my favourite breakfast in all the world, I managed to actually say no!

All in all, another wonderful stay at the Little Inn of Bayfield. We'll be back soon!

If you're interested, the Harvest Sundays continue right through the fall.

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