Thursday, September 6, 2007

Spare Ribs!!!!

Maybe it's because I grew up in Windsor, downwind from Zug Island and the Rouge River complex, but I'm a little afraid of bad smells.

Where I come from, something that makes you clutch at your nose and try never to have to inhale again is something that will eventually mean the loss of your colon.

So I cannot get used to the idea that farm smells are OK. Whenever a pig truck rolls through town, I want to close all the windows and go back to being a vegetarian.

But then there's bacon.....

And spare ribs, which Alan brought home from the market on Saturday. The cooking of them for dinner on Monday coincided with a lot of fresh tomotoes. So we chopped those up and put them into a 9" X 13" pan. Added some red wine and a drizzle of honey. Nestled the ribs down into the tomatoes.

Into the oven at 325 (F) for about two hours.

Just before they were done, Alan slathered them with Glen Farms Maple Barbeque Sauce and gave them a couple of minutes under the broiler.

We ate them up with the tomatoes they'd been braising in and some new potatoes. Yummy!

There were enough left over that we could have them for dinner last night, allowing me to be a good blogger and actually take some pictures of what I'm talking about for once!

This is What Passes for Leftovers in Our House!

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