Friday, October 5, 2007

A Funeral Lunch

We went to a funeral yesterday. She was the dear friend of a dear friend. It was, as these things are, sad and beautiful and inspiring.

After the service, we walked through the churchyard to the graveside. Last good-byes were said and final blessings offered under a warm autumn sun.

Afterwards, we wandered back slowly to the church hall for the funeral lunch.

I love that in this part of the world, funerals are still simple affairs. The lunches are put on by the church ladies, who make up batches of sandwiches and big pots of tea or coffee. The guests sit down at long tables and pass the sandwiches and pickles, ask how do you know so-and-so? Sharing memories, making connections.

Traditions vary from place to place. How do you say good-bye where you come from?

(these pictures were taken on our last trip to England and France)


Anonymous said...

When our Father died three years ago, my mother had a local woman cater the lunch at the town Hall where they lived. She requested all sandwiches to be made with the "crusts" cut off! when Mum died the following year, (they were both in their mid 80's) the same woman provided the lunch but we decided one small plate of Crustless sandwiches would suffice in honour of MUM. We hosted the luncheon buffet style at Mum's home and friends gathered there so they might have a beer and wine and homemade food, reminicing and looking at photos of mom and dad scattered around the house in the livingroom dining room and w.c.
Food is best served in familiar suroundings with friends, so matter what the menu. signed one of four daughters! Huron County ON

Barb McMahon said...

What a wonderful way to honour your parents' memories!

I hope you and your sisters can support each other in your grief, and share the many happy memories, too.