Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A New Way to Make Pasta

It's a cold and gloomy Wednesday morning here in Sebringville. Alan's at the Grand Bend Farmer's Market. I hope it's not raining there!

He's actually been quite lucky with the weather at the outdoor markets this summer. And he's made a few friends, too!

The cooler weather and darker nights have had me craving comfort food. I found this recipe over at Smitten Kitchen and just had to try it. We love pasta in this house and eat in several times a week, so to find a recipe that calls for a whole new way of cooking it is very exciting, indeed.

When I say I "tried" the recipe, I really mean that I used it as a jumping off point. I had pasta and broth. Picked up a can of chick peas yesterday. Used the onions the recipe called for and added spinach and tomato at the end. But no chorizo (leftover chicken instead).

I was right in my guess that the cooking method was the main thing. By cooking the pasta in a small amount of broth and letting all the liquid absorb (I will stir it more next time - mine stuck to the pan) you end up with a wonderfully creamy dish. Think the textures of mac and cheese without all the fat - for those of us over forty, that is comfort food at its best!


John McMahon said...


I saw this method referred to somewhere as a 'risotto' style pasta. i.e., a little liquid to cook in, releasing the starch, which thickens whatever you've decided to put in the sauce.

It's not too often that an entirely NEW method presents itself.


Barb McMahon said...

mmmmm..... risotto style.....

I love starch!