Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Indian Food!

We had been trying to get together with our friends Jimmy and Daishi for far too long, but last night was finally the night. "I'm cooking Indian food!" Daishi told us.

So despite a day-long blizzard, we braved the highway and went to their house. And, oh, what a feast it was!

When we arrived, Daishi was making roti (a fresh flatbread, like pita). So we sat at the kitchen table with a bottle of Jimmy's homemade wine, ate some snacks and learned a new tradition. In Indian households, you start with something sweet. In this case, a fresh, hot roti with ghee and brown sugar. Yummy.

When the food was ready, we carried it all to the dining room. There was chicken, spinach with mini potatoes, squash and dhal, all spiced and seasoned and smelling oh, so good. There was also a big bowl of rice, which, we were told, in some traditions is eaten after everything else. And, of course, the roti.

A little grace was said. A toast was raised. Jimmy showed us how to use the roti to hold the food. And we ate. And we talked. About religion and world events. About politics and their lives. There was even a little salacious gossip about the neighbours. In fact, all the ingredients for a perfect dinner party.

And, you know, I have this theory. I truly believe that the road to world peace lies not with the politicians, but with the cooks of the world. That it is through sharing our food and the traditions associated with it that we learn to know and understand each other.

Alan and I learned a little bit more about Indian food last night. I can't wait to learn more!

And they sent us home with the leftovers!

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Tijen said...

Hi Barb,
I posted something about Indian food in my Turkish blog today. It was about a book I read recently: Monsoon Diary. May be you'd find it interesting to read as well. Best wishes from Antalya!