Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lazy Sunday Links

Food blogs take themselves far too seriously. Which is fine, if what you're looking for, seriously, is a recipe. When you want a less-serious recipe, you have to look elsewhere in Blogland. I have done that for you this week. And bring you a few fun links.

I adore Christmas cake. In fact, I'm one of two people that I know of in this world (the other one is my sister) to actually be thrilled to have a 300 lb block of the stuff land on my doorstep. It's so moist and fruity and laden with boozy goodness. Through the entire Christmas season, it's what I have for breakfast. And lunch, if I can get away with it.

Alan isn't as fond of the stuff. And I don't actually know how to make it. It seems to be a very mysterious process involving basements and weekly visits with the brandy bottle.

My solution has been to make friends with generous Brits. But after reading this, courtesy of Whoopee (not a food blog, but good, nonetheless), I think I might give it a go next year. Apparently I've passed the deadline for having it ready on time for this year. And while lateness is perfectly acceptable in most areas of life, fruitcake in March is just wrong.

Anyway, it's a two-part story. The above link will tell you how to make and douse your Christmas cake. The second part here describes frosting, attempting delivery and then re-frosting it.

All the usual warnings about potty-mouth and sensitive readers apply.

And the prize for most succinct food post of the week goes to Krissa at Le Petit Hiboux for this little gem.

Have a link you'd like to share? Email me, and if it fits the scope of this blog, I'll be happy to include it!

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