Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lazy Sunday Links

at the Millcroft Inn

I think most of us food bloggers try to write for a fairly wide audience.  We know we can't cover every area, but we try to cover some. At least.

After finding eggsbaconchipsandbeans this week, I'm starting to question that approach.

Russell Davies lives in England and reviews restaurant breakfasts.  Well, one breakfast, actually. Consisting of (can you guess?) eggs, bacon, chips and beans.  The classic English diner breakfast.

You'd think a blog like this would be awfully boring, but it's not.  It's charming and funny and makes me want to eat beans with my breakfast, which is not something Canadians do, normally.

One of my readers left a comment last week, directing me to the Adventures in Italy website.  Specifically, a trip planned for October 5 - 12 of this year to Orvieto, Italy.

Certainly worth a look, if only to see the pictures!

It seems we're not the only ones obsessed with comfort food this winter.  The Garden of Eating posted a roundup of comfort food recipes at the end of January.  I saved the link and then promptly lost it.  The good news is that I'm getting ever-more organized.  Progress is practically measurable!

Anyway, it's too late for you to vote on your favourites (sorry!) but certainly not too late to try out a recipe or two.  I had my eye on the Savoury Muffins with Sundried Tomatoes and Cottage Cheese.  But Cottage Cheese all on its own is one of my comfort foods...

I'll buy some more and try again next week.

Speaking of comfort food, our usual Comfort Food Monday will be on Wednesday this week.  We're heading down to see Alan's Dad and he has no internet access.

I hope you're all having a lovely lazy Sunday!

Keep sending in those links!