Friday, April 4, 2008

Vietnamese Food in Paris

If history were written by cooks and food-lovers, instead of generals and potentates, I truly believe the world would be a much better place.

Fortunately, the true foodie will totally ignore the big picture in their quest for the next great meal.

The history between France and Vietnam has more than its share of imperialism, war and heartache.  It also has a sharing of recipes, adaptations for locale and availability of ingredients.  Each culture's kitchen has learned from the other's.

We happy eaters are the lucky beneficiaries.

Alan and I were on our own for lunch.  Dad needed a bit of a lie-in and Chris and John have ventured forth on their own to the top of the Eiffel Tower on a perfect, sunny day.

Being the observant man that he is, Alan noticed a Vietnamese restaurant not too far from here.  We ventured out.

And, oh, my lord!  Such a lunch we had!  Curried shrimp, crab cake, Imperial roll (deep-fried, but so light and crisp).  The flavours were subtle and deep.  The food filling without being heavy.  Gorgeous, in fact.  All from a tiny little spot, so small that when the door opened, anyone standing at the take-out counter had to move to let the person in.

Pictures, you say?  Yeah, right.  That would have delayed the eating.  Maybe next time.

But if you find yourself in France, and unable to face yet another confit or foie gras, head into a Vietnamese restaurant.  You will be dazzled.


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