Thursday, August 28, 2008

Restaurant Review - Woolfy's at Wildwood

When Alan and I closed the deal on the building in Sebringville, we went out to dinner to celebrate.  Our chosen venue?  Woolfy's at Wildwood.

Chris Woolf was one of the instructors at the Stratford Chef School when Alan was there.  When we heard that he and his wife, Mary had bought the truck-stop/motel across the highway from the Wildwood Conservation Area, we thought a) they were crazy and 2) we'd have to try it.

That was many years ago.  Since then, they have grown the restaurant into a place of elegance, calm and truly amazing food.

We were welcomed in warmly and shown to a seat in the corner.  Since we had to drive home after dinner, we decided against a pre-dinner drink, but water was poured and we were given menus to consider. 

Such a Pretty Table!

Oh, the choices!  On the one hand, we knew that anything we ordered would be good.  On the other hand, we couldn't possibly order it all...

We finally narrowed it down.  To start with, I had a charcuterie plate (complete with a piece of Monforte Dairy Fresco Pepato that I had helped to make!) and Alan chose a trio of appetizers that included melon soup, a risotto cake with tomato sauce and salmon sausage.

Trio of Appetizers

We asked Mary to pair each course with a glass of wine - always a good way to go if you want to stay sober.  Her pairings were inspired, but I totally forgot to make note of what they were (I'll get the hang of this one of these days, I swear!)

Charcuterie Plate

For our main courses we had a grilled bison steak and salmon.  Again, gorgeous food, beautifully cooked.  But by that point, the sun had gone down and the room was romantically candle-lit.  Alan's cellphone camera wasn't up for getting a decent shot and there was no way we were going to use the flash!

After the main course, I was pretty well down for the count (it had been a very long week...), but a nice pot of chamomile tea ended the meal nicely.  I slept very well that night, dreaming of good food and gracious surroundings, which made a nice change after a week of deadlines and confusion.

We will definitely be back to Woolfy's as soon as we can!



robinsonsarewaiting said...

I always have wondered what Woolfy's was like... I did eat there when they were on Downie Street years ago. I'll have to try it! Do you need reservations or can you just drop in?

Barb McMahon said...

I'd recommend calling first - just to be sure.