Monday, December 15, 2008

Blogging Larousse

What treasures lie within these pages?

In my last Lazy Sunday Links, I mentioned finding the recipe for the Larousse soy sauce out there on the web.

It's an amazing recipe, and I'd like to try it.  I suspect that the finished result would be far different from stuff we find in the grocery store.

Of course, it requires attention every single day for THREE MONTHS.  I can't even remember to take a daily vitamin, so... 

But it did start me thinking.

Larousse Gastronomique, "The World's Greatest Cookery Encyclopedia" is a fascinating book, filled with food terms, history, biographies of chefs.  And recipes.  Lots and lots of recipes.  It might be interesting to try them out and tell you about them.

Once a week, I'll do one of the recipes, take a lot of photos and tell you how it turned out.

Who knows?  Maybe I'll even learn to cook!


Deborah said...

I suppose that one knows one is a true "foodie" when there is a Larousse Gastronomique in your library. We have two, one of the 1960-ish versions (Enlgish language 1977)and what seems to be that one which you are referencing.
I spent many a snow-blown drifted-in winter's day reading through these books, and doing some pre-internet virtual travellng. Can't remember if I ever tried any of the recipes. We are looking forward to experimenting vicariously with you.
Now, having pulled mine off the shelf, and blown the dust off of it, I have discovered my other, somehow forgotten, use for the book: it has apparently made an excellent tool for drying Muskoka leaves and flowers. LOL.
Looking forward to more of your accounts of life with the bible of culinary arts.
Somehow I now have an urge to rent Babette's Feast.

Barb McMahon said...

Good to know it has more than one use!

And Babette's Feast has to be one of my favourite movies, ever!