Thursday, August 9, 2007

When in Southampton - The Elk and Finch

On our way to my sister's cottage this past long weekend, we happened to be passing through Southampton at lunch time.

The roads were crazy with people making an early start home. So our restaurant choices were limited to: something on the highway and something that we could make a right turn to get into (so did not want to have to cross the on-coming traffic).

We spotted The Elk and Finch. I thought it sounded a little too much like a chain restaurant, but the patio was crowded and it fit our other criteria.

Imagine our suprise when we were seated on the patio (after, admittedly, a long wait)to look at the menu and see things like "house-smoked salmon" on offer.

We kept it simple, ordering a pizza and Caesar Salad to split. The pizza had a nice thin crust, real calamata olives and whole cloves of roasted garllic. The Caesar Salad was yummy, with real bacon and freshly-grated parmesan cheese. My only complaint was that it wasn't as salty as I would like, but that's such a personal thing and so many people are avoiding salt these days.

Our server was quite good, managing what appeared to be an unexpectedly busy day quite competently.

I think The Elk and Finch is quite popular with the locals (always a good sign)
people were greeting each other by name as they walked onto the patio.

In all, a very pleasant surprise for an emergency lunch stop. We'll add it to the itinerary should we be invited back next year. Though after the Oreo Cookie Ice-Cream Sandwiches, I'm not at all sure we will be....

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